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(Bharatanatyam and Semi Classical Dances)
Age group: 7 years to adults

This class offers foundation of Bharatnatyam steps and semi-classical hymns/mantra musicals to dance with. We will be working on eye and head movements, complex footwork and mudras (hand gestures).



( For basic/intermediate/advanced level dancers)
Age group: 9 years above and adults

This is a very popular class in our academy. The goal is to create stories through dance, expressions and acting. This class will combine folk,Indian classical dance as well as contemporary Bollywood techniques, based on the theme and story.The aim of the class to enjoy the freedom and joy of Bollywood and Alternative songs while maintaining the integrity, beauty and structure of Indian dance. The class will begin with warm up, followed by technique and conditioning, concluding with work on Theme based choreography.


(For kids dancers)
Age group: 5 - 8 Years

This fun-filled class offers combination of Indian folks, classical foundation steps and Melodious Musicals from Indian Culture.


We offer 1:1 Private Dance classes on all classical, Bollywood, Hip hop etc on request.


(For Boys and Interested girls)

Workouts, team building, competitions, shows, skillset development, creativity workshops, choreo workshops along with training in different style including HIPHOP, BOLLYWOOD, FREESTYLE, SOUTH ASIAN FOLK and eventually LOCKING.