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I always have a soft corner for people who are passionate about dance and Piyali you are one of them. She is extremely passionate, creative and always thrive for perfection. The best part of dancing with her is that she respects others feedback and opinion. With 30+ years of hard core dance training and have knowledge of International dance styles like Flamenco, Tap-dancing, Waltz, Contemporary and many more, she is extremely humble, helpful and that makes her such a beautiful soul. She will really push you to achieve the best. It was my first performance with her and hope for many more. All the best for all your future endeavors :)

- Bulbuli Mukherjee ( Odissi dancer & Owner of Nrityashastra School of Dance )

I had a great first experience working with Piyali di for Uttoron's Boishakhi celebration this year. Aside from being a talented choreographer, she is warm, friendly, and encouraging. She kept the rehearsals punctual, productive, and stress free for the dancers. She was always open to receiving feedback and provided any kind of support we needed. I wish Dance Tantra the best and hope to work with Piyali di again in the future. - Naosheen Noor

Piyali is not only a trained dancer of various styles and forms but also very talented choreographer. For Ravishing Women’s Show I just explained to her briefly my thoughts in having a strong performance as a tribute by 2013 & 2014 beauty pageants. She literally read my mind and came up with such beautiful choreography that I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised. She is very dedicated and passionate about dance and I have always seen her pushing hard to give her best. No wonder she is a very popular choreographer in Puget Sound area. I wish her good luck with her new dance school.

- Menka Soni ( Owner of Ravishing Marketplace/Pranaam India, Director of Ravishing Women’s shows and Mrs and Miss India WA beauty pageant shows )

Piyali De is a choreographer, director, and dancer; above all she has a passion to support the cause. On behalf of Amrita-Seattle, I would proudly state that for last four years Piyali De has contributed immensely toward organizing unique dance event as fundraiser to support multiple projects of our organization. Single handedly, Piyali choreographed many dance dramas, publicize events and draw huge crowd to make it a success. In 2015, she masterminded the biggest fundraiser, Rhythms of Love, which kicked off with a record number of participants. Piyali directed 2 major love stories which involved 41 dancers and 53 kids, and 10 choreographers. This show was a great success raising approximately $6000 revenue to support the project “Combat Malnutrition”, a project of Amrita-Seattle project that directly serves 400 malnourished children with nutritional food in more than 10 villages of Diamond Harbor Division 1 & 2, West Bengal, India.

- Sampa Pal ( founder and president of Amrita-Seattle)

Dancing is more than a passion to me and when I met Piyali de , I was quite excited to learn more techniques during Heer Ranjha show . Being a fan of contemporary style , I loved her choreography which was a combination of free-style & contemporary .I was able act quite well as Heer under her guidance . I improved my dancing skills ,evolved as an actor and the credit goes to her .Wishing her all the very best. Excited about Dance Tantra . Lots and lots of hugs and I am sure this dance school will create many such awesome memories for the wannabe dancers

- Nalini Keshava ( Appeared as main character “Heer” in “Heer Ranjha”, 2015, Dancer in opening ceremony “Bekahuff”- Ravishing Women’s Show 2015)

I have never seen such a dedicated, disciplined and hard working person like Piyali. She has an amazing multi tasking skills. My daughter is very lucky to get dance lessons from her. Piyali is very kind,affectionate and patience towards the kids, never give up on them. Her energy level is sky high. My daughter absolutely adores her.
Once it was a weekday her husband was out of town, she couldn't find a babysitter, came back from work for rehearsal, held her sick little one in one arm and showing dance steps to 25-30 kids there without any complaints. My Salute!!

- Sarmistha De ( Parent of a Kid dancer )

Piyali Mashi is an exemplary dancer and choreographer. She knows so many different dance forms and she is always excited for new projects. Whenever I see her or work with her, she always had a smile on her face and is never exhausted. It's truly an honor to learn from her.

- Priti Das ( Trained Bharatnatyam Dancer/instructor , appeared as Indra in “Mahisashur vadh”-, 2013, as Ravan in “Dasavatar” in 2013, as Main character Saju in “Nakshi Kanthar Math- The field of embroidered quilt”, 2015 )

Very talented, expressive and easy going dancer and choreographer. I really enjoyed working with her every time. Love the way she flaunts her moves with equal finesse and expertise.

- Geet Kaur Sandhu ( Mrs India WA 2014, Mrs USA India Facebook 2014, NJ )

If I were to coin a synonym for passion I would use the name "Piyali".
A passionate dancer/director/choreographer/mother, an epitome of time management, a super talented artist yet so down to earth, a disciplined choreographer yet who takes risks and above all a great human being- That's how one can attempt to describe Piyali.
I consider myself hugely privileged to have worked with Piyali at so many occasions - She choreographed me, we danced together, I photographed her events, did portfolio photoshoot for her, etc. What amazes me is how quickly she can pick up different dance forms and how easily she can make her students master that.
@Future students: you will love to work with such a talented teacher and a wonderful human being and I am sure she can bring out the best out of you.

- Rahul Chaturvedi ( Photographer/Owner of Rahul Chaturvedi Photography )

Piyali De is one of the best dance choreographer / teacher around and a wonderful person, more so. She is my favorite and go to person if I need to learn a few steps or if I need help with a whole song.
I had my first and the best experience working with her for the dance drama, 'Heer Ranjha'. I was a novice and never danced before that play, and she was the one who asked me to play the part of Ranjha. Being the main character of the play and with many expectations from me, I was so nervous and yet Piyali taught me the dance steps so well, that she made it look so easy and fun and I enjoyed every bit of it.
Given a chance, I would work with her again and again, because where else can you find such a fun and wonderful person who is so full of passion towards dance and arts.
Thank you, Piyali....for making me realize that anyone can dance, no matter if they ever danced before in their life, or not. "

- Phani Tatheneni ( Appeared as Ranjha in “Heer Ranjha”- 2015 )

Piyali is a very enthusiastic and talented dancer.She has the capability to lead a big team with superb output.All the very best "Dance Tantra".

- Ananya Sengupta ( dancer of many Bengali cultural shows )

Piyali Biswas is a very passionate and visioned dancer and director in the greater Seattle area. Her compositions are poised and professional, and reflect her immense dedication to the the performing arts.

- Abhishek Khan ( Experienced Odissi dancer and appeared as main Character Rupai in “Nakshi Kanthar Math- The field of Embroidered Quilt”, 2015 )

I met Piyali first during a dance rehearsal about 5 years ago. Today we are very close friends and I am really happy to write this testimonial for her.
In your first impression she will come across as the most talkative one in the room. You may be under the impression that she is not listening to you. But she definitely is and when you are in trouble she will definitely go out of the way to help you. And will drag her husband and a couple of friends along with her too ;)
Piyali is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. Many a times I have wondered how she manages to run her personal and professional life so smoothly along with her other commitments. The reason is that she has a bottomless supply of energy coupled with never-ending enthusiasm. Sometimes she is up from dawn till almost midnight and most of the day she was probably throwing a dinner party or out helping out a friend or working on a choreography. She also loves to volunteer at the local non-profit organization called Amrita-Seattle.
Piyali's passion and talent for dance is without a doubt deep-rooted. She has 30+ years of dance training. She expanded her Indian Classical Dance background to learn International dance styles like Flamenco, Tap-dancing, Waltz, Contemporary and many more. She is an extremely powerful dancer and during her dance performance she definitely owns the stage. Her flexibility allows her to strike and hold very unique and difficult poses which I have always admired. I have also witnessed and danced on her choreography and it is definitely top-notch. She has successfully produced many wonderful shows. She has a good eye for talent in other people and loves to collaborate. She has also helped me expand my dancing horizon and I am grateful to her for that!
I cannot think of anyone better suited or qualified to open a dance school. Piyali is the perfect blend of talent, creativity, smarts and hard-work. As a person and as a dance teacher she is definitely someone I will recommend to others.

- Nandini Basu ( co dancer for various shows and currently choreographer for her current show )

Great Initiative! looking forward!

- Suparna Banerjee ( Event Organizer of Amrita-Seattle’s Cultural shows )

Piyali is one of the most hardworking person I have ever met. She is dedicated, she can make non-actors act, great in providing feedback in a subtle manner and always bring positivity to any situation. Good luck to you Piyali.

- Kaushik Sarkar ( regular audience of various shows )

I have the good fortune to work with Piyali as an actor when she directed and choreographed a large dance drama production. Piyali has a very creative mind, great professionalism and the zeal to see through every last single details. She is equally attentive in helping and guiding the beginners and experienced dancers. She had the courage and audacity to cast newcomers to her big production and through her guidance turn them into great performers. Overall it was a great privilege to work with her.

- Supratim Roychoudhuri ( theatre artist )

You are a most beautiful dance artist - a pure delight to watch !!!

- Maria Mocre ( experienced and senior most Flamenco/Belly dance teacher in Seattle metro area)

Piyali is a rare combination of talent and hard work. I had seen her directing some spectacular shows and she works really well with kids.

- Joydeep Das ( ameture Bengali Movie director )